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Storage Tips

• Items such as seasonal clothes, holiday items, and sports items are sometimes overlooked because of the time of year you are moving. If these items are going to be stored for a lengthy period of time, you may want to have easy access to them later.

• Financial records and any important documents should also be kept towards the front of the storage container, to avoid having to dig for them after you have moved your belongings into the unit.

• Position boxes and items of similar size together to utilize space.

• Clearly mark each moving box or each plastic bin to ease the sorting after you move or store your belongings.

• Store items from the same area into boxes or plastic bins.

• Write a brief description on the container of items in the so that the container may be placed in the correct area of your new home after you move.

• For plastic bins that you may not want to write on, simply put a sticky note on them and cover over it with a piece of tape. This will help prevent the note from coming off.

• Place dust sheets or moving blankets over soft furnishings.

• Moving blankets, towels and regular blankets all make great buffers so that items that may rub together during moving or storing are better protected.

• Take care to use packing supplies such as bubble wrap and packing tape to secure your more breakable objects in moving boxes or plastic totes and or bins while moving.

• Plastic Bins are a great idea to use while moving or storing and they always come in after you move for organizing attics or garages.

• Use furniture covers or dust sheets between surfaces to protect from scratches.dd text.